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December 20, 2008

What happened? Here is a link dump.

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I just got back from Tai food with my Dad and the site looks like it is gone. Feel free to post links.


Saturday Open Thread Dump

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I’m having some fun tonight so please comment and post links on what ever you want!


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Lifting The Veil: The True Faces of Muhammad and Islam


U.S. Orders

U.K. Orders

This book is by my good friend at YouTube, Ahmadsquran3. Visit his channel, listen to the videos, and if you enjoy them, show your support by purchasing the book.

December 19, 2008

My boss’s car

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1949 Ford. Nice, huh?

Federal Reserve and Hank Paulson sued over Sharia Finance

We bailed out AIG for this? They are promoting Sharia Finance for Muslims in America. Again why are Muslims given special rights? Why should they get separate loans?

Federal Reserve sued for funding Shariah products

A lawsuit has been filed against the Federal Reserve Board and U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson Jr. over Wall Street bailout money going to American International Group, which is funding Shariah-compliant insurance and products.

WND reported a week ago that AIG has benefited from two major bailout agreements with the U.S. government giving $152.5 billion in taxpayer dollars to the company. Then it confirmed it is stepping up its dealings with Islamic finance offering homeowners insurance that complies with Islam’s religious Shariah laws.

According to an announcement at the time, Risk Specialists Companies, Inc., or RSC, a subsidiary of AIG Commercial Insurance, was introducing its Shariah-compliant Takaful Homeowners Policy to the U.S.

The Shariah-compliant policy is underwritten through RSC member company A.I. Risk Specialists Insurance, Inc., in conjunction with Lexington Insurance Co. and in association with AIG Takaful Enaya.

We should have let AIG collapsed. Let their Jihadists allies help them. This is an example of the Corporatist-Islamic alliance.

WrathofG-d banned from LGF because of fight with Sharmuta

Islamist supporter Sharmuta has gotten WrathofG-d banned. The reason, an argument over Evolution.

178 WrathofG-d 12/18/08 5:17:58 pm reply quote -14

re: #174 Killgore Trout

Killgore, let’s be honest here. (A) You are right. The cause here on LGF was led by morons for the most part. (B) If Charles were instead a Biblical Literalist, 80% or so on LGF would be professing their love for the Creation. To deny that group think, and the power of Charles on LGF, had anything to do with it is a bit naive. Is it all of it? No way! But we cannot ignore the obvious.

183 Sharmuta 12/18/08 5:19:34 pm reply quote 7

re: #178 WrathofG-d

More insults! Yeah- we’re all just sheeple who can’t think for ourselves. Thankfully, we have Charles to tell us what to think, but you’d rather say it’s the supporters of science that are insulting. Personally- I’ve found the creationists to be the more insulting ones, and you’re backing up my point. Thanks.

191 Sharmuta 12/18/08 5:22:09 pm reply quote 4

re: #184 WrathofG-d

The Wedge Strategy. Read up on it, because these folks would like to get their hands on your children and “bring them to Jesus”.

194 WrathofG-d 12/18/08 5:22:32 pm reply quote -8

re: #183 Sharmuta

More insults! Yeah- we’re all just sheeple who can’t think for ourselves. Thankfully, we have Charles to tell us what to think, but you’d rather say it’s the supporters of science that are insulting. Personally- I’ve found the creationists to be the more insulting ones, and you’re backing up my point. Thanks.

I NEVER stated that everyone that believed in Evolution was a sheeple. In fact, when I was typing that statement I surely didn’t have you specifically in mind. Honestly, I didn’t have any poster specifically in mind. It is interesting that you believed I was referring to you however.

209 Sharmuta 12/18/08 5:27:23 pm reply quote 8

re: #202 WrathofG-d

I don’t think I have you pegged wrong at all. It’s not the first time you’ve insulted Charles and LGFers.

214 WrathofG-d 12/18/08 5:29:13 pm reply quote -7

re: #201 Sharmuta

Find me a thread where most DISAGREE with Charles and I will consider changing my mind.

217 WrathofG-d 12/18/08 5:30:01 pm reply quote -11

re: #209 Sharmuta

I see you are working to get me banned. You really should relax. I don’t hold such hard feelings towards you.

221 Sharmuta 12/18/08 5:31:07 pm reply quote 3

re: #217 WrathofG-d

No- you’re doing fine on your own.

Ignore my link to the Wedge Strategy. No skin off my nose.

Then the Charles comes in to help his lackey

256 Charles 12/18/08 5:42:21 pm reply quote 14

I see WrathofG-D is making it all about him again.

He was banned once before for this kind of stuff, of course. Looks like it’s been eating at him.

261 WrathofG-d 12/18/08 5:44:13 pm reply quote 0

re: #242 NY Nana


I made a comment about the posters on LGF, and Sharm misstated that it was an attack on Charles. Everyone knows the quickest way to get banned around here is to attack Charles. Thus I believe my statement was accurate. I am actually NOT looking for a fight, quite the opposite actually. You know me well enough to know that, I would have thought.

263 Charles 12/18/08 5:45:18 pm reply quote 9

re: #261 WrathofG-d


I made a comment about the posters on LGF, and Sharm misstated that it was an attack on Charles. Everyone knows the quickest way to get banned around here is to attack Charles. Thus I believe my statement was accurate. I am actually NOT looking for a fight, quite the opposite actually.

You know me well enough to know that, I would have thought.

Actually, there is a quicker way, and you just found it. I bid you adieu.

This was a set up. Charles banned the poster because he said the truth, LGF is a yes cult!

(Hat tip:Bweep)

Gaza “Ceasefire” Ends

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But it isn’t like Hamas ever complied with the “truce” anyway…

At least the end of this “ceasefire” will last until Israel starts kicking Palestinian ass. Then these Islamic terrorists will beg for another hudna truce. Hopefully, Olmert will grow a set and cripple Hamas once and for all.


Clinton Did take Jihadist Money

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If you do not believe me check the proof here. 

I wonder how much Clinton will be influenced by it?  I think he already supported the Jihadist when he was president.

CNN Meteorologist Calls Global Warming Theory Arrogant

CNN Meteorologist Chad Myers attacks the theory of Man made Global Warming. I agree with him, it’s delusional the Humans can greatly impact the climate. I’m against pollution and believe in reasonable environmental regulations. Hey I like clean air like everyone. However the Global Warming theory is an agenda put out by Leftists to impose their agenda.

CNN Meteorologist: Manmade Global Warming Theory ‘Arrogant’

Unprecedented snow in Las Vegas has some scratching their heads – how can there be global warming with this unusual cold and snowy weather?

CNN Meteorologist Chad Myers had never bought into the notion that man can alter the climate and the Vegas snowstorm didn’t impact his opinion. Myers, an American Meteorological Society certified meteorologist, explained on CNN’s Dec. 18 “Lou Dobbs Tonight” that the whole idea is arrogant and mankind was in danger of dying from other natural events more so than global warming.

The next day he forced to recant because of the uproar. As always Progressives silence those they disagree with. The real agenda of the Global Warming crew is to scare people into giving up liberties. Scare people by creating a threat. Also the Global Warming theory is way for the Corporatists like GE to make money by creating Green products.So there is some Corporatist-Green alliance on some issues. The fact is Earth’s climate is always changing!

This will be Charles’s new cause watch!

Islamic Prostitution

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This just shows how little Muslims value daughters:

NABLUS, West Bank — The head of a large West Bank family wants to reward the Iraqi journalist who lobbed his shoes at President George W. Bush by sending him a bride.

Ahmad Salim Judeh says if journalist Muntadhar al-Zeidi is interested the family is willing to send one of their daughters to Iraq along with her dowry.

These 7th Century savages value money or fame or a warped sense of ‘honor’ more than human lives. It is frustratingly sad so many young lives are destroyed and wasted in the name of “allah.”

December 18, 2008

The Big Announcement

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I’d like to make an announcement regarding the site. I know we are really getting a lot of comments but I ask everyone to please refrain from posting for approximately 15 to 20 minutes. I am at this very moment porting LGF2 to a new hosting outfit and it will take a bit of time for everything to migrate to the new servers.

Be advised this won’t take a huge amount of time.

The migration process will begin in 10 minutes!

Jihadist Plan to Invade Facebook

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The JIDF posts some disturbing quotes from a game plan by jihadi propagandists on how to invade Facebook

Jihadist Plan to Invade Facebook

According to Umer’s post:

* We have already had great success in raiding Youtube.
* American politicians have used Facebook to get votes, like the house slave Obama.
* Anyone can join and you can reach millions of people. The April 6 youth are a good example of this.
* I am writing this because supporters of jihad don’t know how to use Facebook to reach Americans or Muslims.
* Don’t worry about security as long as you don’t disclose your personal info and you use new email addresses to subscribe.
* A large number of people in the Arab world are using Facebook.
* We can use Facebook to fight the media attack on Jihadi media and the forums. We can post media on Facebook that shows the Crusader losses.
* Since Facebook is so widespread, we need to use it.
* By using Facebook, we can move from the forums and engage common people and Americans themselves to show them the reality of their losses, which are being concealed by their media.
* One of the goals of invading Facebook is to “move away from elite society (the forums and the Jihadi websites) to Muslims in general and participate and interact with them.” [parenthetical comments are `Umar’s]
* The brothers should immediately start to build their expertise in using Facebook.
* I’ve called this campaign “Ghazwat al-Nusra2″ (Aid Invasion2) because we are aiding our brothers on the forums: Hesbah, Firdaws, Boraq, and Ekhlaas. [sic all]

Umer also explains how to sign up for Facebook and describes the organization of the campaign. Seven brigades comprise the effort, each with a commander.

1. Sharia Brigade: spreads Salafi-Jiahdi doctrine and responding to doubts planted by erring people to misguide Muslim youth. It will distribute articles and audio messages from Salafi-Jihadi scholars.
2. Media and Planning Brigade: distributes Jihadi media files and incitement plans
3. Statements Brigade: posts Jihadi statements
4. Preparation Brigade: distributes military training material
5. Security Brigade: distributes security info required for Jihadi media and also security courses
6. English Media Brigade: posts Jihadi media and statements in English
7. Martyrs and Prisoners Brigade: distributes bios, writings, and videos of martyrs. Also material on prisoners. [sic all]

Each week, brigade commanders will prepare a written report to the leadership council which will then prepare a report on the campaign’s progress.

(hattip: avideditor)

Once Islamic, always Islamic

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Unrest continues near vacated Malmö mosque

Fresh disturbances erupted on Wednesday evening near the basement location which had previously served as a mosque in Malmö’s Rosengård district.

The basement offices, which had previously served as a mosque for the Islamiska kulturföreningen (‘Islamic Cultural Association’), had been occupied since November 24th to protest against the landlord’s decision not to renew the association’s lease for the space, which it had held for the past 15 years.

On Monday, police forcibly removed the remaining three protesters from the space in front of a crowd of angry onlookers.

Emotions have been running high since the forced evacuation, resulting in sporadic disturbances throughout the week.

(hat tip: Born Again Bible Believer from Sweden)

Rosengård Revolution 19/12 – Part 1 (ten more parts)

Thanks Born Again Bible Believer from Sweden

Robert Spencer exposes Bosnian Jihadists

Over at Jihadwatch, the great Robert Spencer writes a great post about the Arab-Bosnians Jihadists. His post exposes the lies about the Bosnian war.

“Algerian Bosnian” released from Gitmo”

Go over and read this! Hey Charles why haven’t you commented on the Arab-Bosnian Jihadist? Are you waiting for permission from Medauara or Killgore Trout. Charles to me you are a Islamo-Fascist supporter.

Robert Spencer, as some one who’s Girlfriend is Serbian and I have stood by Serbia against the lies planted in our media since the 90’s I salute you exposing the truth. You are real, Charles is fake.

Bill Clinton’s Islamic ties

Bill Clinton who in my opinion was just as bad as BushI and II is well known for giving China Military Technology. His polices that encouraged Free Trade and Globalization set the stage for the collapse of the American Middle Class. His policies of backstabbing nations like Israel and Serbia to help Islamic causes set the stage for 9/11. It seems now he has been rewarded by the Islamo-Fascists for his war against the Serbs.

Saudis, Blackwater among Clinton foundation donors

WASHINGTON — Former President Bill Clinton laid out a list of big-ticket donors to his foundation Thursday that is heavy with foreign governments and business interests sure to have a stake in the policies that Hillary Rodham Clinton carries out as secretary of state.

Saudi Arabia and other foreign governments gave at least $46 million, while corporate donors included the Blackwater security firm that protects U.S. diplomats in Iraq.

Bill Clinton turned America is a Judas nation. he attacked a traditional ally Serbia at the behest of Jihadists. He forced Israel to abandon Lebanon and allow Hizbollah to take over. He also made Israel give up land to teh arabs that  set the stage for the rise of Hamas. he also did nothing about Bin Laden. This is his reward for a job well done.

I wonder what the Islamisst will give Bush?

Hamas ends Ceasefire with Israel

This comes as no surprise, except to Bush and his Kadmima puppets in Israel. Hamas comes from the same root as AL-Qaeda: The Muslim Brotherhood.

Hamas declares end to ceasefire with Israel in Gaza

GAZA (Reuters) – Hamas on Thursday declared an end to a six-month-old Egyptian-brokered ceasefire with Israel in the Gaza Strip, raising the prospect of an escalation in cross-border fighting.

“The calm is over,” Hamas official Ayman Taha said in an announcement after concluding talks with Palestinian factions in the coastal enclave controlled by the Islamist group.

He said the ceasefire, which Hamas says was scheduled to expire on December 19, would not be renewed “because the enemy did not abide by its obligations” to ease a crippling blockade of the Gaza Strip and halt all attacks.

Israel needs to stop taking orders from America. they need to become independent again. Israel is being set up to be destroyed. Bush and Condi Rice could care less, they will do anything to please their Saudi buddies. Olmert, Livini and Barack are Kapos and traitors to israel. Israel needs leaders with balls not Muslim ass kissers. They need to realize, the world hates Israel anywaystop being nice. Israel should fight Serb style!

Link Dump 2

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The last link dump is now hard to find. So here is a new one.

Leftists mad at Obama over Rick Warren

Evangelical Pastor Rick Warren will deliver the invocation at Obama’s inauguration next month. Leftists groups are angry and upset.

Obama’s inaugural choice sparks outrage

Prominent liberal groups and gay rights proponents criticized President-elect Barack Obama Wednesday for choosing evangelical pastor Rick Warren to deliver the invocation at the presidential inauguration next month

Warren, one of the most influential religious leaders in the nation, has championed issues such as a reduction of global poverty, human rights abuses and the AIDS epidemic.

But the founder of the Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California, has also adhered to socially conservative stances — including his opposition to gay marriage and abortion rights that puts him at odds with many in the Democratic Party, especially the party’s most liberal wing.

The tolerance of the Left is on display. They hate Christians and want to do anything to silence Christians. I bet if Obama had selected a Muslim Imam, the Left would applaud! Tolerance for anyone except Christians!

December 17, 2008

3 Bosnian Citizens release from Guantanamo Bay

3 detainees were released from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and sent back to Bosnia. What’s interesting is that they are of Algerian origin! This means they were Mujaheddin who went to fight the Serbs and stayed after the war.

3 freed Guantanamo inmates back with families in Bosnia

SARAJEVO, Bosnia-Herzegovina — Three Guantanamo prisoners were flown to Bosnia on Tuesday and released to their families in the first detainee transfer ordered by a U.S. federal judge, according to local police and an attorney for the men.

A judge in Washington, D.C., ordered the release of Algerian-born Boudella al Hajj, Mustafa Ait Idr and Mohammed Nechle last month, saying the U.S. government’s case was not strong enough to continue holding them.

We should of sent them to Free Bosnia (Republika Srpski/Serbian republic)! This is another example of us Leftist judges freeing Jihadists and how we backed the wrong side in the Bosnia war. What are Algerians doing in Bosnia? Ask yourself that.

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